Healing our sick selves and our world would never be about solving, fixing or finding perfection. Our medicine would be about discovering and helping each other return to who we already are.
From magical and entertaining to painfully raw and unsettling, this beautiful blend of travel memoir, soul searching, motherhood and non-profit building shows us how to put fear aside, peel away all that insulates us, and to listen and trust in our inner selves.

We are answering a call to connect to humanity –
a pilgrimage to make a difference –

to matter.

Lydia Dean

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GoPhilanthropic Foundation

GoPhilanthropic Foundation is a US-based organization Co-Founded by Lydia Dean offering support to community-based change-makers who are do the heavy lifting in confronting some of the biggest global issues of our time — human trafficking, child labor, early marriage, and gender inequity.
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Transformational Travel

Founded and Directed by Lydia Dean, this innovative, socially-conscious travel company encourages a deeper understanding and connection to the world through travel. Philanthropic journeys involve learning about and engaging with a collection of effective grassroots non-profits committed to long-term work within their communities.

I believe we are all on a journey of exploration – one that will take us each on amazingly beautiful and varied paths.

Mine required that I set the normal American life by the roadside to see, smell, and touch the world. Then having done so, I realized I had work to do.

Lydia Dean

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