“We don’t assume we have all the answers, systems or methods to solve anyone’s problems. We enter into our relationships with the willingness and the time to help people and programs be the best they can be. Listening continues to be a cornerstone in our work.”


Lydia Dean, GoPhilanthropic Foundation Co-Founder

Jumping the Picket Fence” speaks to following our inner voices and channeling our desires to connect with humanity. The book outlines the early building blocks for GoPhilanthropic Travel and GoPhilanthropic Foundation.

Co-Founded by Lydia Dean, GoPhilanthropic Foundation is a US-based organization made up of a community of  “everyday philanthropists” who provide funding and networking support for 40+ local programs in Central America, Asia, and Africa. GoPhilanthropic’s mission is to strengthen the impact of courageous people quietly accomplishing great things.

GoPhilanthropic offers support to community-based change-makers who are doing the heavy lifting out there when it comes to confronting some of the biggest global issues of our time — human trafficking, child labor, early marriage, and gender inequity. “We help great people and programs do more of what they are already doing for themselves and their communities.”