Our Song

I never knew what was to come of the few early steps in creating Gophil, let alone what life would look like after, without her. Perhaps like our loved ones,

Finding Mum

There’s a document called “Ma” on my desktop. I have been working on it since she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Writing about it helps to get through some of the difficult days, an attempt to organize the messy unfolding of it all...

Demystifying Philanthropic Travel

“I would like to do more on my next trip. I want to do something that matters. I want to give back.“ This is a common sentiment capturing an ever-expanding trend

Funding Orphanages: Is it helping or hurting?

People are drawn to give where there is need, but they do so emotionally and often without the needed experience or ability to monitor. We are raising our voices for more Informed