“We are inextricably connected, sharing an energy that sustains us all.
Our own healing and that of our world can only be found as one. “

IN 2000, LYDIA DEAN LEFT a successful career in Orlando, Florida, to explore the world with her husband and young children. Settling down in the south of France, they found joy in leading a simpler life while reconnecting with their childhood dreams. During their years outside the US, Lydia traveled extensively to areas lacking access to education and opportunity. Motivated by the simple ideal that small personal actions can make a difference, she and her family returned to the US in 2007 and launched GoPhilanthropicTravel—a social enterprise that engages travelers with the lesser-known humanitarians of the world. In 2011, Lydia co-founded GoPhilanthropic Foundation, a nonprofit organization that collaborates in expanding the potential that resides at the grassroots.

In 2015 she published Jumping the Picket Fence, an inspirational mixture of travel memoir, soul searching, and nonprofit building. Her second book, Light Through the Cracks, was released in 2021. Her story, both raw and relevant, explore how our own personal healing directly relates to our ability to make a difference in the world at large.

Lydia currently resides in Provence, France where she continues to enjoy a balance of gardening, philanthropy, writing, and the restoration of old homes in the region.